Monday, November 12, 2012

NaNoWriMo, Days 8-11

It's been a busy weekend with not much time to write until after midnight last night--so I got a little behind with these posts.

Word Count:
Somewhat. I was aiming to reach that before midnight, but I didn't. But both Saturday and Sunday I passed the minimum 1,667 so I'm happy enough.
Hours of Sleep:
Usually around seven
Cups of coffee:
Between half a cup and three cups. I try not to have more than three.
Today's Snippet:
“Robbie, wait,” his dad called to him, his tone urgent.  
Robbie turned back to face him. “What is it now, Dad?” 
“Your pants are falling down! It’s a good thing I stopped you, or boy would you have felt embarrassed in front of all your friends!” 
Robbie rolled his eyes. “See you later, Dad.”  
“I have a belt you can borrow…”
“Goodbye, Dad.”

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