Monday, June 30, 2014

30 Little Celebrations

  1. Going out to eat with my grandma.
  2. Quiet time.
  3. Friends who show up at the perfect time.
  4. Spending time with my family.
  5. Movies.
  6. Laughing so hard my face hurts.
  7. Re-reading good books.
  8. Discovering new favorite stories.
  9. Feeling "inspired." (There's nothing better - and sometimes nothing worse! - than that itch to write.)
  10. Learning a new dance.
  11. 10 pounds lost! Slow, but steady.
  12. Budgeting. (Yes, this is a celebration.)
  13. More books than I have time to read.
  14. Growing up Fisher. (Haven't seen it yet? Go watch it! Some of the episodes are free on Hulu. There's also a petition you could sign to try to get it back on TV...
  15. My job.
  16. Hanging out with my brother.
  17. An empty notebook.
  18. Finding a forgotten box of pens - right as my supply was dwindling.
  19. Books with impeccable grammar.
  20. The unconditional love of family.
  21. Long nails. (This is new for a recovering nail-picker like me!)
  22. Gummy vitamins. Getting nutrients while eating candy? I'm in.
  23. Comfy pillows.
  24. Feedback from readers.
  25. Knowing that my books even have readers.
  26. Nice, long emails.
  27. A freshly-made bed.
  28. Flowers.
  29. A new dress.
  30. Summer!