Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Book Launch Party!

As Fairydust Settles, the sequel to Shrouded Jewels, is now available, and I would love to celebrate with you!

January 11th, 2014
Starts at 2pm, but come when you can
The author's house (email for the address and directions)

  • Hors d'oeuvres and cookies
  • A small gift for those who attend
  • A raffle prize (must be present to win)
  • Short book readings on the hour
  • Special treat: meet the cover models from all three novels!
Books will be sold at discounted rates:
  • Paperback:
    • $10 for one
    • $18 for two
    • $25 for three
  • Hardcover formats can be ordered for $25 each (regularly $28 for friends and family) 
Please invite your friends! You're welcome to contact me (Jansina@rivershorebooks.com) if you'd like more details.

Want an easy way to share the event? Join it on Facebook!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Free eBooks!

In honor of Christmas, author Kendra E. Ardnek is offering four of her ebooks FREE on the Kindle! 

If you don't own a Kindle you can always read the books on your cell phone or computer. I do have one, but I still use my phone quite often.

These will be available for a limited time, so mark your calendars!

December 23rd to 27th: The Derao, a short story 
December 24th to 28th: Sew, It's a Quest 
December 25th: Do You Take This Quest? and The Ankulen

There is no small print with this deal--just free books! Of course, authors always appreciate reviews. (I'll be reviewing each of these on my Rivershore Books blog sometime in 2014.)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New Release: Priceless by L.A. Ramsey

This is a guest post by author L.A. Ramsey. I was recently given the opportunity to edit another of her books, Sunny Beam, and consider her a talented author. I haven't read Priceless yet, but I'm excited to.

Have you ever wondered if there was any sin that God's grace doesn't cover? Does a person live who has fallen so deeply in the mire of sin that even God's love and mercy can't reach? Even when all hope seems lost and you think life is no longer worth living, God's love shines through...somehow...

He works in mysterious ways, even when we make the conscious choice to deny Him. He wishes for no one to be lost. No one...

Priceless - Love's True Worth is such a story, a coming of age romance about a young girl faced with almost more than she can handle.  Her life leads her to ill choices that lead her down a dark and unworthy path...until she meets him...until he introduces her to the One who can reach down and save her.  The question remains, will she accept it?  Will she change her ways?

From the back cover...

Of what value is a life?  For some the cost of companionship is a few dollars while to others the cost is a lifetime of commitment to another.  Annequin’s life in Shady Grove begins simply enough, a caricature of the early lives of many young girls who find themselves the victims of circumstance.  Loss and a lack of deep caring in her home eventually drive this beautiful young woman away from her difficult home life to another life that she believes will be her way to happiness.  As far too many in Annequin’s position discover, the road chosen is sometimes paved with pain and disappointment.  With time and the testing of a young heart and soul, the woman from Shady Grove learns the true meaning of love and grace given by others.

Why I Wrote Priceless

I wrote this novel wanting to show that not everyone starts on a pristine path to his or her Christian walk.  Some people may have unfortunate circumstances that leads them down the dark paths of sin and then choose to turn their back on the One who can redeem them.  In Priceless, I show that no matter how dark the night may be, God's light can find a way.
Priceless is available as a digital download on Amazon KindleNookSmashWords, and soon on Kobo, iTunes, and Sony.  Priceless is available on Amazon as paperback too.


LA Ramsey enjoys writing about her faith in novels from her home with her husband and six children. Priceless was 19 years in the making. This is her second novel. Her first novel is Sunny Beam - The Holy Lion, a Christian romance, available on Amazon. 

Find Lori at: LA RamseyFacebook , Pinterest, and Twitter.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

As Fairydust Settles is Here!

My newest book, As Fairydust Settles, is now available!

From the back cover:

“Would you have married me if you had known?”

Mical’s question stays with Davey. He doesn’t have an answer.

Mical was wrong to deceive him, and her apologetic efforts may not be enough to keep them together. Will her spiteful father allow them the chance to find out?

This sequel to Shrouded Jewels continues to follow Mical and Davey as they struggle with deception, temptation, and a sometimes bitter reality.

Will Davey and Mical find their happily ever after?

Praise for the book:

“I think it may be her best yet.” – Gina Marinello-Sweeney, author of I Thirst

“Jansina, once again, brilliantly shows how the fairytale can have a happy ending after all.” – C.M. Stewart.

“It has mystery, humor, sadness, happiness, it’s very descriptive, and more. Jansina is a gifted author!” – Liz Ellertson, author of Liz’s Lefse

As Fairydust Settles is now available in paperback, hardcover, and ebook formats!

Ebook: ($2.99)

Paperback: ($12.99)

Hardcover, casewrap: ($19.99)

Hardcover, dust-jacket ($21.59)

You are welcome to purchase paperback or hardcover editions by emailing me at Jansina@rivershorebooks.com. I'm honored to sign any copies purchased directly from me!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Marilynn Dawson Blog Tour: Schedule

Guess what everyone?  Thilly Little Nothings is part of a blog tour! Author Marilynn Dawson is inviting you to take part in the Google Play Winter Giveaway taking place between December 1st and January 26th. As part of the blog tour, we get to feature one of her books every week. The complete schedule is below. My date is in the list, and don't forget to stop by the others as well. If you have a Google account email address, you can enter your name to win one of her books every week. The first drawing is on December 8th.

December 2nd: Tiffany - Voices4Society

December 9th: Jansina - Rivershore Books

December 18th: Lori Ramsey - Author and Novelist

December 23: Tiffany - Voices4Society

December 30th: Marilynn Dawson - Songdove's Musings

January 6th: LitanyPrayerhope - Prayer of Hope's Christian Fiction Reviews

January 13th: Tiffany  - Voices4Society

January 20th: Jansina - Thilly Little Nothings