Friday, December 6, 2013

Marilynn Dawson Blog Tour: Schedule

Guess what everyone?  Thilly Little Nothings is part of a blog tour! Author Marilynn Dawson is inviting you to take part in the Google Play Winter Giveaway taking place between December 1st and January 26th. As part of the blog tour, we get to feature one of her books every week. The complete schedule is below. My date is in the list, and don't forget to stop by the others as well. If you have a Google account email address, you can enter your name to win one of her books every week. The first drawing is on December 8th.

December 2nd: Tiffany - Voices4Society

December 9th: Jansina - Rivershore Books

December 18th: Lori Ramsey - Author and Novelist

December 23: Tiffany - Voices4Society

December 30th: Marilynn Dawson - Songdove's Musings

January 6th: LitanyPrayerhope - Prayer of Hope's Christian Fiction Reviews

January 13th: Tiffany  - Voices4Society

January 20th: Jansina - Thilly Little Nothings

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