Books have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My parents read to me as a baby, and as soon as I learned I started reading on my ownevery book, every paper, and every sign I found. I was the kind of kid who pulled out grammar books in the summer and wrote research papers "for fun." (No joke.)

When I was around eight years old, I finished my first story: a short one, about a monkey and a gorilla (you can read it here if you really want to). I added clip art photos, my mom had it bound into a "real" book (okay, she stapled it together), and I showed it off to everyone I knew.

My writing continued throughout high school (including a column in the local newspaper), and in college (Bethel University) I majored in English Literature & Writing. That's one of those degrees everyone says you can do "just about anything" with . . . but the truth is, there aren't many jobs actually available.

I dabbled in marketing. I considered becoming a lawyer. More than considered--I attended law school for a year. (My favorite part? Working in the bookstore.) In the end, books won.

In the fall of 2011, I finished and published my first novel, Forgotten Memories. All my novels and short stories (with the exception of Life is Crumbly) are within the same "world" and share many of the same characters.

After journeying the publishing landscape alone, I began my editing and publishing business, Rivershore Books, in 2012, and the business continues to grow. My ultimate goal is to continue the publishing aspect but also create a physical location: a bookstore and coffee shop; an inspirational haven for my fellow authors.

So many steps led to where I am now, and I truly feel it's what Papa (my affectionate name for God) wants me to be doing. My goal is to honor Him in my writing and encourage other authors to do the same with their own.