Monday, May 3, 2010

An Update

I know, shocker...we go forever without updating, then two in the same day?? What is happening with the world?

I realized I never told you all what happened with my coffee experiment, and I figured I should do so before finals swallow me up. (Which, really, they've already started to do, so this will be short).

I'll just say, I survived. ;) And I have decided that I am not addicted to caffeine. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :D

I have my last day of classes today, which is quite exciting. My first final is on Friday, which is not at all exciting. I will be fully done with finals, law school, the whole shebang (provided God doesn't ask me to continue this fall--or some year down the road), on May 19th. And I'm looking forward to it.

Sometimes I really hate law school. Because of law school I can't celebrate Mother's Day. Mother's Day!! I can't go to a really good friend's birthday party. I found out today I'm also missing out on seeing a good friend, who I haven't seen, I think, since December, and who I probably won't see again for quite a few months.

But this is where God has me. And I need to do the best I can, to honor Him. Which means I need to miss out on all of this. I need to stay focused, and not see people, as much as it kills me to do so.

In other words, I would really appreciate your prayers these next few weeks. :)

Love you all!

Teen Girl's Daybook

I haven't posted on here in forever!! Life has been hectic and crazy and beautiful...I was in a fit of randomness, so I decided to do:
The Teen Girl's Daybook!!
From A Rose in Bloom

Date...5/2/10, (but technically 5/3/10) :P
Starting time...12:56 AM
Mood...Overwhelmed, tired, ecstatic
Outside my window...Is the night
I'm thinking...Will I get any sleep to night?
I'm reading...Arcadia-a play by Tom Stoppard-it's phenomenal.
I'm listening to...Love You All, by Cloud Cult-amazingly cosmic song. :)
I'm wearing... Long dark blue shirt with flutter sleeves and ruffles and sequins at the square collar, and jeans
Yesterday, I...saw two shows, potlucked-it-up, and smiled and giggled all day
I'm excited for...SATURDAY!!! And for my sister to come home from college, definitely. :)
I'm sad because...I'm not sleeping
I'm hungry for...Nothing, which is unusual...
The song stuck inside my head is..."Some Things are Meant to Be" from Little Women the Broadway musical, which is a beautiful show and a beautiful song-check it out! :D
I be able to wake up at 4:30...
I love... EVERYTHING! :)
I loathe...rubber snakes. :P
This week, my goal is...To get my essay done for an honors program application, to stay caught up with e-mails/other random correspondence, to get my essay done for English, and to retain my sanity. :)
Did I meet last week's goal?...Definitely. (My goal last week was just to choose a college.) :)
Ending time...1:02 AM

Calvin and Hobbes has been a happiness of mine recently. :)