Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Celebrations: Writing Room

Today I'm Celebrating...

Besides the obvious (see previous post), today I'm celebrating my new office/writing room!

Jane Austen wrote at a table this size. Sometimes, I do too.
Recent happenings in my house meant we had an empty bedroom. Since my room wasn't an ideal place for both my desk and my bed, I now have an office for the former!

I have an obsession with a collection of candles.
This was also a chance for me to free up some of my shelf space. Funny--my room doesn't look any less cluttered...

Yes; those shelves are in the shape of check marks.
I love my desk.

What are you celebrating?


  1. I've always loved writing in bed, with a pencil so I can write at any angle without the ink running to the back end of the pen. If writing on my laptop, I still feel comfiest, though slightly more awkward, typing in bed as well.

  2. Oh, a pencil is a good idea! I write in bed sometimes, too, but my handwriting starts getting too messy to read after a little while. ;)

    Lately I've been writing in the living room, but I'm excited to have an actual room for it now. Let's see if I actually use it...

  3. Oh, so pretty! :) Every writer needs an office... love the candle collection! :D

  4. Thanks! :) Hehe, I agree. I spent much of today in it, at my desk, and it was lovely. I didn't get much actual writing done, though...


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