Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NaNoWriMo, Day 13: WON!

Word Count:
You betcha! I was hoping to "finish" today. My story isn't done, and I'll write the end before November ends, but now I can worry less about word count and more about content.
Joyful and celebratory!
Hours of Sleep:
I don't actually know...I think it was around 8.
Cups of coffee:
2...considering a 3rd.
Today's Snippet:
(Robbie hurt Kara and is getting ready to go apologize to her.) 
His dad told him that was part of becoming a man: being able to face your mistakes and admit that you had been wrong. 
If that was the case, Robbie would almost rather remain a boy.


  1. O.o CONGRATULATIONS! And the month's not even half over! :D That's awesome!

  2. Thank you! :D Now if I can just wrap up this plot...


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