Friday, November 30, 2012

NaNoWriMo: Days 21-30

NaNo ends today! Although I made it to 50K earlier in the month, my goal was to finish my story by today--and I did. I wrote those lovely words, "the end," a couple days ago. (Usually I don't actually write them, but it felt fitting this time.)

Word Count:
Yes; quite.
Excited it's over!
Hours of Sleep:
Too many! Something like 10.
Cups of coffee:
1, starting on 2.
Today's Snippet:
(Robbie is meeting Kara's dad for the first time.) 
He clasped his hands in his lap and watched Robbie for a moment. "Your parents are Joe and Ella Blake, correct?" 
Robbie nodded. "You know them?" 
"I know of them," Mr. Reinhart clarified. "I know that they are decent people. I know of you, too." 
Robbie shifted in his chair, wishing he could fidget more than just the occasional movement of a leg or arm. 
"I see that you anticipate what I am going to say," the man said, unflinching in his eyes' hold on Robbie. 
"I have made mistakes, sir." 
"Yes. Have you finished making these mistakes?" 
Robbie's eyes lifted until he met those of Kara's foster father. "No, sir, I am afraid I will always make them." 
"Well!" The man smiled. "An honest answer." 
Robbie shrugged. "It would be foolish to lie." 

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