Friday, November 2, 2012

NaNoWriMo, Day 2

Word Count:
I am! I was aiming for 7K, and I still have time to write before it's family time.
Hours of Sleep:
Cups of coffee:
Almost a full, LARGE coffee. Yummy.
Today's Snippet:
(I just had to bring this word into it!) 
“Honey, did you say ‘thilly’?” 
“Yes, darling, I did.” 
“Why? Why not just say ‘silly’?” 
“Because I didn’t mean silly. I meant thilly.” 
Robbie shook his head. “Thilly is just silly with a lisp, Dad.” 
Joe put a hand over his mouth. “I can’t believe you would say such a thing.” 
He crossed his arms. “Is it not?” 
“Of course not! Thilly is sillier than silly. It is a completely separate word.”
“That’s not a thing, Dad.” 
“It will be—when people start using it more.” 
Ella shook her head. “Stop trying to be Shakespeare by making up your own words. He’s not an ideal role model. Especially with all those accusations of plagiarism and such. That isn’t something to portray as edifying in front of your children.” 
“Yeah, Mom. Davey and I are still young, impressionable children, and now we’re going to think plagiarism is okay, because Shakespeare did it, and Dad wants to be Shakespeare because he made up one dumb word. That’s definitely going to happen.” 
“Now, see, Ella? That’s an example of something thilly.”


  1. Thank you! :D

    The next snippet really should have more of Kara and Robbie...considering THEY are the main characters; not Ella and Joe. Ella and Joe just make me giggle too much. ;)


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