Sunday, November 4, 2012

NaNoWriMo, Day 4

Word Count:
Yep. I definitely could have written more, given time, but since my only chance to write today was in the car (where half the time words and my stomach don't mix well), a little under 2K is enough.
Sleepy. So sleepy.
Hours of Sleep:
I think it was around 8, but it feels like fewer!
Cups of coffee:
About half a cup... Maybe that's why my answer to the above is what it is...
Today's Snippet:
(Kara is an author. As an author, she goes through days when writing just plain stinks.) 
She focused in on the page once again. She had only written two words. 
This is pathetic. Does every author struggle this much? 
She wasn't even sure if she wanted to keep those two words. She sat and stared at them for a moment. There seemed to be nothing terribly offensive about them, so she decided to let them stay. 
Time for the next two. If only all writing happened two words at a time, it might not seem so overwhelming to her.

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