Friday, March 20, 2015

Book Tour: Nikki Min Yeong Abramson

Nikki published her first book, an inspirational autobiography, through Rivershore last year. I'm excited to be part of her book tour this week!

"Abramson does a good job of describing why and how she chooses hope to deal with her many issues, and her faith shines through all the way. It is a lesson for others dealing with seemingly hopeless challenges, and a joy to read about how positivity can change the most dire situations."
Book Description

Being told by doctors at the age of five that she would die in her teens, Nikki Abramson learned how to live in the present. Mentors taught her how to overcome challenges and obstacles through faith and believing in the power of positivity. Nikki addresses what it is like to want to 'fit in' with society through her struggles as an international adoptee and battling serious rare disabilities. Her courage to go on when life is challenging is an inspiration to all. Nikki spells out what hope means to her. Finding hope is not easy and is an everyday battle. "Struggles are a part of life. We can either go through it with a cloud over our head, or we can look at it as an opportunity." She sees life as an opportunity: to help others discover their potential and to make a difference in their lives. This book includes pictures of Nikki’s life, beautiful illustrations, and journal and discussion questions to reflect upon one’s own life experiences.

Author Bio

Nikki Abramson is passionate about encouraging people to find hope and achieve success in their life journey. She is a Korean American adoptee who battles several rare and severe medical conditions and is overcoming many obstacles. Nikki resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with her parents, younger brother, and two cats. Nikki is a proud alumnus of International School of Minnesota (Eden Prairie, MN) and Bethel University (St. Paul, MN). She holds a B.A. and teaching license in elementary education, early childhood, and computers, keyboarding, and technology. Ms. Abramson is a performer and teaching artist, teaching others acting, improv, and choreography. She also has a company, Renew Hope, LLC, that offers motivational speaking and life coaching. Her desire in life is to change the world by inspiring others through her story, changing one person at a time. For more information, you may contact her via her websites at or or by "liking" her on Facebook.

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