Thursday, March 26, 2015

Book Tour: Jennifer Wirey

Jennifer's book, published by Rivershore Books, is one of the sweetest memoirs I've read; it's a beautiful tribute to her precious daughter. Today, I'm part of her book tour.

"No child can ever replace the one you lost and no one can take that child’s place in a parent’s heart. But, by writing this story and sharing Kaitlyn with readers, mothers, families and parents, I hope all parents will understand that children make mistakes, sometimes they say and do the wrong thing, and it is your job not to yell, hit or scream but to teach them the right way or the right thing to do. This book is a must read for all parents and young adults."
Book Description

You never think it could happen to you. You have heard the stories from someone who knows someone who has had it happen to them. You see on the news about tragedies, heartbreaks, unexplainable events, cruel individuals, medical complications, or accidents. The thought of losing a child is an unexplainable feeling that brings instant panic. It is an unexplainable feeling that makes several thoughts cross your mind. How could this happen? Why would God let this happen? How could medicine or procedures fail with all the technology we have? Why does it happen to such good people? Why did such a good parent lose their child when so many children are being mistreated, going without food, or being pawned off because the parents put their needs first? 

I knew this could never happen to me—until it did.

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