Monday, February 9, 2015

Author Interview: E. Kaiser Writes

Author Interview

What is your writing fuel?

My writing fuel is really sleep, and access to my youngest sister/brainstorming partner. If work commitments keep us apart for too long my inspiration dries up... but after a good discussion session I feel on top of the world and ready to fly! Emoji

Life is full of little celebrations (things to be grateful for). What are you celebrating today?

I am grateful to be gone with writing Discussion Guides for every chapter in Winter Queen. Next big project will be to do the same for Prince of Demargen, but I'm giving myself a rest and doing small, in-between jobs for the rest of the day. Like this! Emoji

Who is your favorite character (in your own writing)? Why?

That really is a tough question, Jansina, and I think I'm going to have to say there are two. I wrote the princess Ilise much from my own problems growing up, and so she is really close-to-the-skin, so to speak. On the other hand, Hess, prince of Demargen is a character that just breaks my heart, and his ultimate triumph is just as satisfying as Ilise's triumph, though Hess's is slower and more wrenching. But these two are definitely my favorite characters, and I laugh and cry and break my heart all over again every time I edit. You'd think I'd get dulled to them, but it doesn't happen.

About the Author

E. Kaiser Writes credits her nearly nomadic childhood for the vast reach of her fictional worlds; she has lived (and gotten to known the locals) in the Rocky Mtns, the Smoky Mtns, the plains, the deep forest, the searing Texas summer and frozen Minnesota north.She wears many hats: writer and editor of ad copy, web copy, office correspondence & fiction; a cowgirl, animal trainer, seamstress, jeweler, artist and… authoress!
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