Thursday, January 9, 2014

Character Interview: Peyton Everet

Name: Peyton Everet

Age: 23

What book/s are you in? Shrouded Jewels and As Fairydust Settles. Maybe someday I'll get my own.

Where do you work? At the gas station near me. Lame, right?

Where do you live? A suburb of Minneapolis.

Favorite place to relax: Anywhere outside.

Who is your significant other? Don't have one...yet.

Who would you like it to be? Oh, I think she knows.

Why do you act so cocky? It's better than the alternative.

What is your greatest dream? To be the person everyone believes I am.

Peyton Everet can be found in Shrouded Jewels and As Fairydust Settles.

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