Monday, May 20, 2013

Character Interview: Ella Blake

If you follow the Rivershore Books blog, you will recognize the character interviews from there. Since this is my author blog, and that is for business, I feel they fit in better here.

Name: Ella Blake

Age: 43

What book/s are you in? Forgotten Memories, Shrouded Jewels, and As Fairydust Settles

Where do you work? I used to work in the diner. When we moved to the Twin Cities, I stopped working.

Where do you live? In a suburb of Minneapolis, with my husband Joe and son Robbie. Sometimes our other son, Davey, comes to visit.

Favorite place to relax? In a cemetery. Don't judge.

Have you read any of Jane Austen's books? Of course. I introduced my granddaughter to them, as well.

Do you like soda or water? Soda? We call it pop here. It depends on my mood, but mostly I drink water.

If someone was to design a cake for you, what would it look like? A notebook. That's possible, right?

You're being attacked by zombies...what is your weapon of choice? I have no idea.

What is the worst mistake you have ever made? Almost letting pride keep me from the beauty of love.

Are random questions fun to answer? Sometimes.

Questions courtesy of Megan and Kateri. Thank you!

Do you have questions for any of my characters? I'd love to hear them, and my characters would love to answer. Email me at or visit the Rivershore Books writing forum to ask them!


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