Saturday, January 5, 2013

Love Languages and Gifts

Love Languages

I haven't actually read the book The Five Love Languages (it's on my increasingly long "to read" list!), but I know enough to have sorted out my own, and those of the people closest to me.

Gifts may be on the lower end of what I like to receive (quality time and touch tie for first)...but when it comes to the love languages I like to give, they're near the top. I'm not sure why this is, or if it's normal for people to have two separate lists (giving/receiving). Guess I really do need to read that...


My brother showed me a picture of this cross-stitch a while ago. After finishing one leg, I realized the pattern  would be about a foot tall, so I made a new, smaller one. It fits in a 5x7 frame.

5 points if you know what show this is from!
My brother set this in his cubicle at work, and says his coworkers chuckle as they pass by. Aww.
As a girly girl, I've always been interested in making jewelry. I just recently learned some new tricks and wanted to experiment with them, so I made necklaces for some friends, and my mom.

I picked charms and beads to match their personalities.
A closeup of the necklace I made Mom, using a charm she owned.

My grandma taught me basic crochet when I was younger. I haven't learned many difficult steps yet, but I enjoy making shawls, purses, hand warmers, and other simple pieces.

My mom and grandma each received a poncho this year.

Did you give or receive handmade presents this year?
I'd love to hear about them!


  1. Oh, these are sooo beautiful Jansina, you have such a beautiful gift. I LOVED your CROSS STITCH!!!! That is sooo cute!!!! Is it from a British TV Show???

    Love languages are so interesting...I love to show love by giving things too. I love to give and a lot and often. Words tend to be my top to receive but a genuine surprise gift totally makes my day too.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful talents and gifts.

  2. Thank you! Yup, the TV show is British and geeky. ;) My brother works with computers, so it fits in perfectly!

    So maybe we do have separate lists! Have you read that book? I should pull it down and add it to my "to read SOON" pile by my bed.

  3. *Giggle* By brother is a computer tech too...that is just so fitting, I want to copycat you! I think, he'd think it was funny. It's really beautiful workmanship.

    I must admit I haven't really read read the book, though I've breezed through it and taken the test a few times, just for fun. And it's funny peoples love languages change over time. My mom's used to be Word and now it's more acts of service, words are still huge but acts of service is bigger.

  4. You're welcome to! Let me know if you'd like the pattern--I can email it to you.

    Yah, same here. Oh, I was wondering about that. I didn't notice how much I enjoyed touch until a while after I knew I loved quality time.


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