Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Annabeth's War is Available Now!!

A short while ago, I was given an opportunity to proofread a novel, and I enjoyed it very much. Now, I am so excited to announce, it is available on Amazon ($10.95), and on the Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords ($3.99)!

Annabeth's War was written by Jessica Greyson, and is a delightful, uplifting book. I found myself just reading through, wanting to see what happened next--before remembering I was supposed to be watching for grammar. Hehe!

I recommend it for readers of all ages. Christmas present, anyone??

Isn't this cover simply stunning? It's a lovely representation of a novel worth reading!
Here's something extra fun! 

Two of my favorite bloggers (Jessica and Katherine Sophia) have teamed up with a book and bracelet giveaway. Click the picture for more info (and as a special treat, there's also an author interview)!


  1. Thank you so much Jansina! I really appreciate all that you did for Annabeth's War!!!!

  2. It was my pleasure! I'm excited for your next book. *hint, hint*


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