Sunday, May 25, 2014

Author Interview: Jaye L. Knight

I was recently given the opportunity to interview recently-published author, Jaye L. Knight, as part of her blog tour for her book, Resistance. You can read more about her book on my publishing blog, Rivershore Books.

Thilly is its own word, and it means “sillier than silly.” With that in mind, what thilly thing do you do regularly? Have you done it today? (If not, why not?)

Sadly, I had to sit and think about this for a while and came to the conclusion that I don’t really have a thilly thing I do currently. I think it’s the way my life has been for the past few years. Trials seem to keep coming one right after the other (many health related), and when I’m not thinking about that, my focus is on my writing and work. I guess there’s not much room for thilly things right now. But I wish there was, and I hope and pray things will settle a bit soon. :)

What is your writing fuel?

Definitely tea. I make a cup of English Breakfast Tea with sugar and plenty of French vanilla creamer every morning. (And by cup, I usually mean giant mug.) Before I started drinking tea a few years ago, I couldn’t understand how people were so addicted to coffee. Now I do understand. I NEED my tea, especially when I’m writing. I also keep a jar of Nutella handy.

How much time do you spend writing each day?

If I’m actually able to write (and not bogged down by writer’s block or needing to edit instead), probably 4-6 hours on average depending on the day and what else needs to be done. But if my inspiration is really flowing, I can easily go 8-10 hours or more. Especially when I’m close to finishing a book. If it’s the last chapter, I’ll go as long as I need in order to finish it. I’ve been up pretty late a couple times doing that, but I’m most productive in the morning.

What is your biggest distraction, and how do you move past it?

The internet. Things like Pinterest, while they are helpful writing tools for me, are also very big distractions. I write all my first drafts on paper, so that helps with internet distractions, however, I usually have my iPod Touch nearby and can get sucked into my Pinterest and social apps on there. Still, not actually being on the computer while I’m writing does help. I’ve just got to keep myself focused and disciplined.

And finally, what is the most rewarding part about writing for you?

Seeing all the pieces of a story fit together, especially when it happens in a way I’m not expecting. That’s happened quite a lot while writing Resistance and the other Ilyon Chronicles books. It’s so satisfying and amazing because I know it’s God working in my story.

Thanks, Jaye!

About the Author

JAYE L. KNIGHT is a 25-year-old independent author with a passion for writing Christian fantasy and clean NA (New Adult) fiction. Armed with an active imagination and love for adventure, Jaye weaves stories of truth, faith, and courage with the message that even in the deepest darkness, God's love shines as a light to offer hope.

Jaye is a homeschool graduate and has been penning stories since the age of eight. She was previously published as 
Molly Evangeline. You can learn about her latest writing projects at

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  1. I think a lot of writers can relate to Jaye's responses - at least when it comes to the story fitting together unexpectedly, and the distractions of the Internet! ;) Thanks so much for featuring her on two different blogs, Jansina. :)


  2. Thank you for having me on your blog for this interview! It was fun. And go figure, shortly after finishing it, I would think of a "thilly" thing I do. It's a fairly regular thing (not necessarily daily) and only in the summertime, but I like to find and collect four leaf clovers. I've been doing it for years. It's turned into a bit of a competition between me and my brothers. I also like to try to beat my previous years' records. It's completely pointless and thilly, but fun and relaxing to sit in the sun and pick through a clover patch. ;)

    1. My mom, sister, and I have enjoyed finding four-leaf clovers, too! Although we mostly search for them around St. Patrick's Day. :) Sweet times!


    2. You're welcome! :)

      That's great! What's the most you've found? I'm pretty sure I've never found even one... (But I do look!)

    3. Amber, it's so much fun, especially when you're looking with someone else.

      Jansina, last summer I found 65...I have no idea how I'll ever beat that record. I don't even know how I did that. I guess there was this one patch of clovers that produced an unusual amount. I still haven't found my first one for this year yet. It's starting to annoy me, lol!

    4. Wow! Haha, that would be frustrating. Good luck!


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