Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Actually Finishing Something [in] July: Week 3

Yes, July is over. No, I didn't make my initial goal. So I'm expanding the writing challenge into August. That's how these challenges work, right?

Thanks to Katie for hosting!

Were you able to meet (or exceed!) your goal this week?

For this week? So far, yes. I've been averaging a chapter a day so far...writing is going very well!

Where did you get the bulk of your writing accomplished? In the quiet of your room, outside on the patio, on the bus?

In my room, or in the lunchroom at work, but I'm the most "inspired" in coffee shops.

Share a couple of your favorite snippets!
“Well,” Davey said slowly, “I still don’t feel guided.”
Joe smiled. “I guess God isn’t giving out the instant stuff today.”
“God is so much bigger than unspoken prayers,” she said.

“Yes,” Joe said. “And He is so much bigger than one person’s unbelief.”
Have you introduced a new character into your story? Tell us about his/her personality.

Not quite--but I'm about to! Abigail is a spirited, sweet lady who has been forced to hide her beautiful self.

List the favorite foods of your main characters.

Mical loves eggs in all varieties, Davey's caramel rolls, and cheeseburgers.

Introduce us to the antagonist in your story. Does he/she prefer crunchy or creamy peanut butter?

Simon Benson is Mical's father, Davey's boss, and friend to neither. Perhaps he's just misunderstood...I'll leave that to the reader to decide. He prefers crunchy. Definitely crunchy.

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