Thursday, April 11, 2013

Music & Writing

My parents told me that when I was a baby I would bob my head to the beat whenever I heard music. I naturally don't remember that, but I do know I've always loved listening to, creating, and dancing to music.

When you add writing to that, it's not always a good mix. If the music has words, I may start typing them into my story--and I don't mean in natural ways.

Once upon a time, there was deck the halls a princess. . .

Usually, though, I just stop writing and start singing.

If it's an Irish tune, I'll dance to it--or be so distracted by wanting to dance that I won't write. Okay, this applies to any music with a beat.

There is one exception I've found to both these "problems": what I call coffee shop music. (Think Regina Spektor, Lenka, &c.) It's just soothing enough to keep me motivated.

When that fails, and I start singing, dancing, or both, it's time to switch to classical. Or jazz, but when my focus level gets to this point, swing dancing is tempting even without a partner!

What is on your writing playlist?

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