Monday, March 11, 2013

As Fairydust Settles

Sometimes, I feel like a broken record. I've been "working on" the sequel to Shrouded Jewels for several months now. Every time I think I'm getting close to polished, I look at it more closely and realize I'm still quite far.

As Fairydust Settles is written, and has been for about a year, but the majority of the scenes need to be reworked. I wrote it in first person originally, but in keeping with Shrouded Jewels it needs to be changed to third person. That's only one of the many differences that will take place between this draft and the next.

All that to say, this is not the final version...but I wanted to share a snippet nonetheless.
“I know your word is important to you,” Jonathan finally said. “I know that’s the only thing keeping you with Mical. She knows it, too.”

“What’s your point, Jonathan?”

“Marrying my sister was not a mistake. Don’t you see how much she’s changed? At least Mical is trying.”

“She lied. Repeatedly. She manipulated me, you—all of us. Because she wanted her happily ever after. Is it my fault I’m not what she thought? I can’t forgive her for this. Not yet.”

Jonathan’s lips drew together in frustration. “You believe marriage is for life, right?”

“That is what I signed up for when I said ‘I do.’”

“You also believe that doesn’t change, even when one or both people make a mistake.”

“Of course it doesn’t.”

“So now you feel you’re stuck with Mical, because you can’t in good faith divorce her.”

Davey shrugged. “Sure, if you want to put it that way.”

“I’m putting it that way because that’s how Mical feels. That’s how you’re making her feel.”

“You think she deserves better?”

“It doesn’t really matter what she deserves. You are called to love her in spite of anything. Because she’s your wife; because she’s a child of God; and because she’s been hurt enough without you adding to it.”

Davey said nothing. 
“You taught me that, Davey. At one point you believed it—and lived it. Don’t let the mistakes of others change who you are.” Jonathan watched him for a moment, frowning at what he saw. “Or is it too late for that already?” He shook his head and walked out of the room.

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