Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Things That Make Me . . . Passionate

Today marks the first of my "Things that make me..." blog series. I'll post these lists periodically...just for fun. Let me know if you have ideas for the next one!

Things that make me passionate:
  • Seeing others in action
  • Undeserved Pain
  • Brokenness
  • Our Papa
  • Blessings...and a lack thereof
  • Poor grammar (especially spoken)
  • Hatred
  • Love
  • Those unaware of Love
  • Unacknowledged beauty

For those who are curious . . . here is what I am most passionate about:
  • Our dear Papa
  • Ending human trafficking
  • Adoption (especially older children or those with special blessings)
  • Love
  • Finding a cure for ALS
  • Ending abortion
  • Grammar (sometimes)

Thank you to my beautiful Istiepants for today's list suggestion!


  1. Jannymittenkitten! <3
    I love this idea and your list is absolutely marvelous. ^-^


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