Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SOTB Fundraising

Many of you have probably heard about the Shadow of the Bear film. If not, please take a moment to visit the Shadow of the Bear Movie Blog.

*waits a moment*

Back? Great!

Now that you know about it, I'm sure you're incredibly excited for it to come out. So are we! But there's a little problem. They need some money first.

But guess what!

*waits for you to guess*, that's not're not terribly good at guessing, you know that? Okay fine, I'll just tell you. You can help!!

Now isn't that exciting??

Oh, you're waiting for me to tell you how. There are a couple different ways.

First, Pen in the Clouds is a student-written, illustrated and created book of poetry, short stories and drawings. The wonderfully talented people in charge are still accepting poems and stories, so check out the submission guidelines and see your name in print! Also, keep an eye on the blog and get your very own copy when volume one is published! All proceeds from volume one will go toward the Shadow of the Bear movie.

How awesome is that??

But wait, I said there was another option, didn't I? I did. I distinctly remember doing so.

That's because there is! The Shadow of the Bear Movie ArtFire account is a great place to buy many types of gifts (or things for yourself!)...all handmade and absolutely beautiful! And the best part? Any money you spend there goes to the movie!

So get out there! Have fun writing, reading, and shopping!

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